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Not many real estate developers in Mumbai possess expertise that encompasses all aspects of real estate redevelopment such as development strategy, design development & management, branding & marketing, as well as financial structuring. We believe, as a real estate company in Mumbai, in the business of making design-led homes for people rather than projects. And therefore, while our development strategies emerge from market-led dynamics, all our projects have strong underpinnings of great functional design coupled with a strong execution base and defines our position as a premium property developer in Mumbai.

We also believe that we will institutionalize the real estate development business with the core values of ethical compliance, transparency, and commitment to our stakeholders, and a partnership not merely on paper but in spirit. Which are ideals that all top real estate developers in Mumbai should look up to.

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A New Approach To Developing Spaces

Le Corbusier once said, “good design is intelligence made visible”. Urbania is rooted in this philosophy as one of the finest real estate developers in Mumbai. We genuinely believe that design thinking and user experience should be at the heart of contemporary spaces. So whether we make residences or commercial spaces, we will create spaces that people can relate to at a very intimate level. So it’s not about our idea of how people live; it comes from how people live and how spaces add to their lives beyond a functional sense. To appeal on an intimate level requires going beyond the cursory perception of the individual Apart from great design thinking, the core values that drive us are ethical compliance, transparency, and complete commitment to our stakeholders. These core values are the ideals that all premium property developers in Mumbai and across the country.

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Going Against
The Grain

Today, it is considered impractical and even egotistical for a developer to think about a project’s legacy. We are often told, “keep your eye on the bottom line and leave the artistic flares to the designers and architects.” we just don’t buy that. We strongly believe that if you adopt a holistic approach, a project can be both fiscally viable and an object of beauty. To achieve this dream we have utilized a “measure ten times, cut once,” tactic, which requires a vivid imagination and a flair for foreseeing the obstacles that may appear. We don’t react to problems as they arise but try and anticipate all possible roadblocks by consulting some of the best minds in the field and resolving them pre-emptively. This helps Urbania stay ahead of the curve, inspire a growing team to continue this culture, and thus create a new breed of real estate developers.

Team Urbania

Multi-faceted, experienced and motivated. A team that is re-looking the traditional tenets of development for better living.

Mr. Akshay Thakker

Akshay is a founding partner of Urbania, responsible for business development and hands-on operations. He has over 10 years of global experience encompassing corporate strategy development, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and real estate development. Akshay holds an MBA from Warwick Business School, UK.

Mr. Naishadh Paleja

Naishadh is a partner of Urbania, responsible for fund raising, financial structuring and essentially mentoring the business. He has more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector.

Mr. Paleja holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from VJTI and an MBA from K.J. Somaiya Institute, Mumbai.

Mr. Piyush Vora

Piyush is a partner of Urbania, responsible for broad-based strategic initiatives for the business. He has over 30 years of varied experience that spans from financial services and mining to real estate development.

Piyush is a certified Chartered Accountant.

Make the Ordinary

Le Corbusier once said, “good design is intelligence made visible”.
Urbania is rooted in this philosophy.

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